Cleveland State University Rhodes Tower Main Plaza
Cleveland, Ohio

CBLH recently completed its award-winning design work on the newly renovated Cleveland State University Rhodes Tower Plaza. Located at the heart of campus, the raised Plaza now creates a space for large social functions and spots for small student gatherings while allowing vehicular traffic and parking to occur directly below it.

Owner: Cleveland State University
Ed Schmittgen, Executive Director
Facility: Outdoor Plaza above Parking Area
Construction: Renovation
Construction Cost: $2,500,000
Completion Date: Fall 2004
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CSU Rhodes Tower Main Plaza
CSU Rhodes Tower Main PlazaCSU Rhodes Tower Main Plaza

In 2002, the University became concerned about the structural integrity of the 38-year-old concrete deck after it deteriorated to the point where sections had fallen on parked cars and endangered students and staff. When the University decided to replace the entire waterproofing membrane and deck, the opportunity to reshape the center of campus was created. The new plaza design reflects these paths via directed concrete walks. Colors and textures are utilized to identify various degrees of use and importance.

This project understands how the built environment enhancements better serve the students, faculty and visitors of the University. The project has also set the direction for future green space development throughout the University as it continues to reconnect with the City of Cleveland.